Form of Government

Mayor – Ted Abrey
Deputy Mayor – Susan Parish
Councillors – Pat Joa, Ryan Kelly, Les Sainsbury, Randy Shaw, Debbie VanDamme
Town Administrator – Joslin Freeman

Council Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.

Council Appointments

Advisory Committees
Imperial Community Rink – Ryan Kelly
Imperial Community Center – Randy Shaw
Imperial Cable System – Debbie VanDamme
Imperial Library – Randy Shaw

Finance – Ryan Kelly & Susan Parish
Protection & Public Safety – Les Sainsbury & Ryan Kelly
Public Works – Les Sainsbury & Pat Joa
Public Utilities – Debbie VanDamme & Leslie Sainsbury
Health & Sanitation; Parks & Cemetery – Pat Joa & Randy Shaw
Employees – Susan Parish & Ryan Kelly
Planning & Development – Susan Parish & Pat Joa
Recreation – Debbie VanDamme & Leslie Sainsbury
The Mayor is a member of all committees

Total population of the Town of Imperial is 372